Momentum Press is expanding beyond engineering to offer concise and applied learning resources in other STEM disciplines. Introducing the new MP imprints:


Our expansion will be consistent with our core values.

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As we grow these lists, we continue to add to our collections already reaching our goals. Check Out Our Collections Page!

Flexible Test Automation: A Software Framework for Easily Developing Measurement Applications

Flexible Test Automation
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Pasquale Arpaia
Vitaliano Inglese
Ernesto De Matteis

Modern automated industrial systems depend on accurate and prompt monitoring for equipment and system performance, along with determining pending faults and maintenance issues. This new book will offer the newest approaches to developing and writing the software algorithms that underlie automated monitoring.

Building Inspection Manual: A Guide for Building Professionals for Maintenance, Safety, and Assessment

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Karl F. Schmid

Building Inspections are done-- and required-- for all sorts of reasons: real estate assessments, safety, maintenance and repair, and facility inventories, among others. This new, concise guide to building inspections covers them all, using a clear, easy-to-follow checklist approach. All major building components, from site inspections to exterior and interior and structural inspection are covered. Expert help in writing up inspection summaries and recommendations will also be provided.


Idea Engineering: Creative Thinking and Innovation

Idea Engineering: Creative Thinking and Innovation
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La Verne Abe Harris

Engineers and technologists often operate from a worldview of 'ones and zeros.' This book will interject the colorful world of creative thinking to help engineers and technologists learn to think and work differently. Thus, 'idea engineering' becomes the driving force, transforming engineers and technologists into innovators and entrepreneurs, using case studies and anecdotes from first-hand experience.

Measurement and Monitoring

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Vytautas Giniotis
Anthony Hope

Automated machinery, such as computer numerical control machines (CNM), require constant monitoring for accuracy and precision. Thus, a correct understanding of 'metrology'--the science of measurement--is essential to the successful running and maintenance of all automated machines, and especially CNC machines.

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