B. Bryan Haycock

B. Bryan Haycock

Bryan Haycock has been involved in the dietary supplement industry for 15 years. His writing has appeared in many U.S. and international publications including Men’s Health, Perfect Body (Poland), and Olympians News (Italy). Bryan teaches courses on dietary supplements at the University of Utah’s department of Nutrition and Integrative Physiology. Bryan is also a founding member of the Global Nutrition and Health Alliance. Bryan holds a BS in psychology, an MS in exercise and sports science, and is currently finishing his PhD in exercise physiology.

Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements
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B. Bryan Haycock and Amy A. Sunderman

This book provides an overview of dietary supplements including their definition, how they are manufactured and regulated, what forms they are sold in, and what the most popular products are. An effort is made to provide relevant information on the background, mechanism of action, and the clinical evidence demonstrating their efficacy or lack thereof.