Christina Heilman

Christina Heilman, PhD, ATC, CSCS, is a coach, author, researcher, and speaker in the applied field of mental excellence. She is the founder of Mindset and has worked closely with hundreds of leaders, coaches, and youth, recreational, collegiate, and professional athletes, helping them achieve healthy, long-lasting habits to optimize their performance without destroying their health and well-being in the process. Christina has an extensive history of professional activity and achievements including: international dissertation award, conference presentations, journal publications, innovative programming for youth, and development of cutting-edge tools for elite mountain athletes. Christina enjoys testing her limits and finding her personal pursuit of excellence through skiing, rock climbing, and running in the mountains. She believes that the skills that help someone be the best they can be in sports are the same ones that will help them in other parts of their life. Chris lives in Driggs, Idaho with her husband, son, and her passion for learning new things.

Elevate Your Excellence: The Mindset and Methods That Make Champions

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Christina Heilman

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Whether you are an undergraduate student, coach, athlete, parent, or are just struggling to set and achieve meaningful goals, this text is an awesome resource that will have you looking inward and forward. -- Abigail Larson Ph. D., R.D., and 2006 Winter Olympian