Douglas H. Rothenberg

Doug Rothenberg is founder and President of D-RoTH, Inc., a leading world-class consulting firm in all areas of alarm management systems for industrial manufacturing and technology providers, based in Shaker Heights, Ohio. He holds a BSEE in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech, a MSEE from Case Institute of Technology, and a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. He is a past president of the Cleveland Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society and remains active in both regional and national engineering and professional societies, including ISA and Sigma Xi. He serves on ISA 18 and API 1167 alarm management standards committees.

Alarm Management for Process Control:A Best-Practice Guide for Design, Implementation, and Use of Industrial Alarm Systems

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Douglas H. Rothenberg, Ph.D.
President, D-RoTH, Inc., Shaker Heights, Ohio

No modern industrial enterprise, particularly in such areas as chemical processing, can operate without a secure, and reliable, network of automated monitors and controls. And those operations need alarm systems to alert engineers and managers the moment anything goes wrong or needs attention. This book, by one of the world’s leading experts on industrial alarm systems, will provide A to Z coverage of designing, implementing, and maintaining an effective alarm network.