Jian Zhang

Jian Zhang is a professor at Southeast University. He is a recognized researcher in structural health monitoring of bridges. He serves on the editorial board of the Structural Control and Health Monitoring Journal and is a recipient of the 1000 Program Distinguished Expert Young Scholar and Jiangsu Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars.

Fiber-Optic Sensors For Infrastructure Health Monitoring, Volume I: Introduction and Fundamental Concepts

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Zhishen Wu, Jian Zhang, and Mohammad Noori

Structural health monitoring (SHM) can be characterized as the integration of sensing and intelligence to enable the potential damage to be monitored, analyzed, localized, and predicted in real time and in a nondestructive manner. Over the past two decades, extensive research has demonstrated that fiber-optic sensors (FOSs) are well suited for SHM sensing requirements in infrastructure systems. In this book, a brief overview of SHM and the application of FOS are presented.