Sarah J. Simon

Sarah J. Simon, PE, has provided environmental protection services for government, industry, and consultancies for more than 40 years. Graduating as a civil engineer, she worked in construction and then as an engineer for water and air programs of the US EPA Boston Of ce. She participated in the national, award-winning team that established state acid rain programs and went on to direct the monitoring, database, and modeling staff of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection air program. Over the past two decades, she managed environmental projects in a Fortune 200 company, consulting  rms, and an energy services company generating green power. Simon has presented technical papers on the impact and compliance needs of energy projects, in particular, land ll biogas facilities. She led the Environmental Group of the Boston Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Society of Women Engineers– Boston Section. She received the MIT Alumni Lobdell Award for organizing conferences and curating an exhibit of the alumnae group, AMITA.

Protecting Clean Air: Preventing Pollution

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Sarah J. Simon

Having clean air to breathe is an often overlooked necessity, yet humans pollute the air through growing demand for energy and consumables. This book presents an overview of air quality, emission sources, criteria pollutants, greenhouse gases, control programs, and the impact of pollution on the atmosphere and global systems.