Waslon Terllizzie Araújo Lopes

Waslon Terllizzie Araújo Lopes received his DSc from the Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG), Brazil, in 2003. He worked for AREA1 College of Science and Technology, Salvador, he was with the Federal University of Campina Grande, and currently he is with the Federal University of Paraíba, João Pessoa, Brazil. He is also finance director of the Iecom.

Spectrum Sensing Techniques and Applications

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Marcelo Sampaio de Alencar, Fabrício Braga Soares de Carvalho, and Waslon Terllizzie Araújo Lopes

Spectrum sensing deals with several subjects, that range from statistical and probability theory to radio propagation and signal processing, with cognitive radio playing an important role to the evolution and dissemination of new applications in the area.

The objective of this book is to connect the basic statistical formulation, the fundamental concepts from signal detection and spectrum sensing, cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access, leading to an interesting, robust, and illustrative content, with recent practical applications of cognitive radio and spectrum sensing.