Biotechnology and Infectious Diseases: Modern Strategies for Finding, Evading and Defeating Wicked Pathogens

Biotechnology and Infectious Diseases

Brooke A. Jude

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Biotechnology and Infectious Diseases will address the current reality of a global society that provides the stage for rapid outbreaks of infectious diseases. Appropriate management of outbreaks require strategies for disease surveillance, outbreak modeling, and development of treatment protocols. At a molecular level, identification of new threats, prevention and treatments can be optimized through surveillance, molecular detection methods, vaccine development, and novel antibiotic discovery. Understanding of these topics also allow for preparedness in the event of bioterrorism threats. A number of these topics are included in some singular textbooks, however there is not a concise text that covers and links these topics.

Additionally, some content, including material on recent and ongoing outbreaks (e.g.Ebola and MERS) are not covered thoroughly in any intermediate level textbooks.

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