Data Security in Cloud Computing, Volume I

Giulio D'Agostino

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Cloud Computing has already been adopted by many organizations and people because of its advantages of economy, reliability, scalability and guaranteed quality of service among benefits. But since the data isn't stored, analyzed, or computed on site, this may open safety, privacy, trust, and compliance difficulties. This book covers a broad assortment of issues on information protection in Cloud Computing ranging from liability, to data provenance, identity, and hazard management.

Topics covered include NOMAD: a framework for ensuring data confidentiality in mission-critical cloud based programs; 3DCrypt: privacy-preserving pre-classification quantity ray-casting of 3D images in the cloud; multiprocessor system-on-chip for processing information in Cloud Computing; dispersing encoded data for personal processing from the cloud; data security and freedom management for cloud; comprehension software defined perimeter; safety, privacy and trust for Cloud Computing in transport cyber-physical systems.

The book provides greater coverage of the fundamental security methods than are typically taught in a traditional undergraduate computer science course, and discusses more on-field applications and case studies than most texts currently available.

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Giulio D'Agostino

Giulio D'Agostino is a system administrator, software developer, and member of the European Association of Data Protection Officers