Plastics Technology Handbook - Volume 2:Manufacturing, Composites, Tooling, Auxiliaries

Plastics Technology Handbook, Vol. 2

Donald V. Rosato

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This comprehensive handbook provides a simplified, practical, and innovative approach to understanding the design and manufacture of plastic products. It will expand the reader’s understanding of plastics technology by defining and focusing on past, current, and future technical trends.

In this second volume, all major plastics compounding and forming technologies are presented—from mass production extrusion and injection processes to specialty techniques like rotational molding, compression molding, spray molding, encapsulation, potting, ink screening, impregnation, and vacuum-assisted liquid injection molding, among many others.

A chapter on Coating provides all the major forms of modifying surface properties of plastics for desired thermal, physical and chemical behavior. A chapter on Casting focuses in all major methods of forming plastic melts in physical molds, including mold types, removal molds and quality control issues.

A unique chapter on Mold and Die Tooling offers hard to find information on tool and die design specific to plastics manufacture—including detailed explanation on die design and use, tooling materials, tool casting and machining, and a 41- page glossary of common die and tooling terms.

Finally, an extensive chapter on Auxiliary and Supplementary machines and systems provides incredibly useful background—for everything from bonding, chemical etching, cutting, and decorating to plastics machining, pelletizing, printing, polishing, stamping, vacuum debulking, welding, and many more processes involved in bringing desired plastics products to market. This chapter also extensively covers various means of mechanical assembly of plastics parts.

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Donald V. Rosato

Dr. Donald V. Rosato, president of PlastiSource, Inc., a prototype manufacturing, technology development, and marketing advisory firm in Massachusetts, United States, is internationally recognized as a leader in plastics technology, business, and marketing. He has extensive technical, marketing, and plastics industry business experience ranging from laboratory testing to production to marketing, having worked for Northrop Grumman, Owens-Illinois, DuPont/Conoco, Hoechst Celanese/Ticona, and Borg Warner/G.E. Plastics.