Raw and Finished Materials:A Concise Guide to Properties and Applications

Raw and Finished Materials

Brian Dereu

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This book will be a single-source, easy-to-use reference work on the principal characteristics and uses for major common types of metals, composites, and plastics.

It provides the key physical characteristics and mechanical characteristics, along with important considerations when machining and processing and fabricating with these materials. With over 600 specific materials, categorized into metals, plastics, wood products, and composites, each material has an entry, and the book offers such essential parameters as chemical composition, mass, hardness, yield strength, melting point, and electrical and thermal conductivity.

Readers will be provided with typical uses for each material cited, entries will be cross-indexed by both trade and generic names, including common industry names used for alloys of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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Brian Dereu

Brian Dereu is a professional consultant on materials used in manufacturing and machining, with over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and machine shop industry. He has published 19 articles for ThomasNet® on subjects ranging from extrusion screw design to powder coating, and has two projects published in for MAKE magazine.