Virtual Engineering

Virtual Engineering

Joe Cecil

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This book is for a wide audience of engineers, and engineering students, and IT specialists. It provides an overview of recent developments in Virtual Engineering and Information Based Manufacturing which is transforming collaborative engineering practices worldwide. Readers will find clearly illustrated, well-documented case examples that help to bring the abstractions of computer simulation to meaningful practical reality. Contributing authors from a wide variety of engineering disciplines will bring a full perspective to what is new in the world of Virtual Prototyping. Features include: New case studies on Virtual Prototyping, Virtual Reality training systems for Industrial maintenance, and virtual design for biomedical applications Breakthrough developments on haptic or touch-based interfaces such as the 'virtual glove' A novel study on use of Virtual Engineering for globally dispersed engineering teams on collaborative projects

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J. Cecil

Dr. J. Cecil is an Associate Professor in the School of Industrial Engineering at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He also directs the Center for Information based Bioengineering and Manufacturing (CINBM). Dr. Cecil is well known for his pioneering research in Information Based Manufacturing. Virtual Reality and Internet based technologies are two of the corner stones of the Information Technology (IT) revolution which are the vital catalysts for the adoption of global collaborative engineering practices.