Manufacturing and Processes

Smart Automation to Smart Manufacturing: Industrial Internet of Things

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Uthayan Elangovan

The advent of modern technology and fourth Industrial revolution, particularly the industrial Internet of things, has brought enormous changes to the manufacturing industry. This book is about the growth of smart factory. We live in a smart, connected world. The number of things connected to the Internet currently surpasses the number of people in the world, and we're accelerating to numerous linked gadgets by the end of the decade. For manufacturers, the implications of this emerging “Internet of Things” are huge.

Tuning and Control Loop Performance, Fourth Edition

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Gregory K. McMillan

Tuning and Control Loop Performance, Fourth Edition provides the knowledge to eliminate the misunderstandings, realize the difference between theoretical and industrial application of PID control, address practical difficulties, improve field automation system design, use the latest PID features, and ultimately get the best tuning settings that enables the PID to achieve its full potential.

Textile Processes: Quality Control and Design of Experiments

Textile Processes:
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Georgi Damyanov
Diana Germanova-Krasteva

This concise guide on statistical quality control in textile processes offers useful guidance to engineers and technicians on how to set up and conduct quality control procedures using the mathematical tools offered in this book. It presents an introduction to the control and optimization of textile processes and the resulting improved quality of manufactured textile products. It offers a review of the methods for experimental design, various textile processes, and the methods for derivation and optimization of mathematical models.

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