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Creating Data-Driven Web Sites: An Introduction to HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL

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Bob Terrell

Today’s modern world is heavily dependent on the World Wide Web. It affects the way we communicate, how we shop, and how we learn about the world. Every website, every page, consists of four fundamental elements: the structure, the style, the programming, and the data. These correspond to four different “languages,” respectively: HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL.


Robust Control System Networks:How to Achieve Reliable Control After Stuxnet

Robust Control System Networks: How to Achieve Reliable Control After Stuxnet
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Ralph Langner

"This is the first great, 5-star ICS security book.“  Dale Peterson, Digital Bond

"Read Robust Control System Networks — it’s brief, concise, well-written, full of compelling anecdotes, and groundbreaking“  Richard Bejtlich, TaoSecurity

He was the researcher who was one of the first to identify and analyze the infamous industrial control system malware "Stuxnet," and has now written a book that takes a new, radical approach to making Industrial control systems safe from such cyber attacks: design the controls systems themselves to be "robust."

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