Materials Characterization

Photodynamic Therapy Mediated By Fullerenes and Their Derivatives

Photodynamic Therapy
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Mike Hamblin

The Fullerene molecule is a carbon-based nano-scale structure of 60 carbon atoms arranged in a 3-dimensional soccer ball- like sphere. It is highly stable, but it can be modified with functional groups for desired biological activity. This new monograph in the ASME-Momentum Press series on Biomedical & Nanomedical Technologies will explore the basic physics and chemistry of Fullerenes, how the Fullerene molecule can be chemically modified with bio-active moieties, and then how it can be applied in clinical use. Examples of antimicrobial and anti-cancer uses will be discussed.

Characterization of Tribological Materials, Second Edition

Characterization of Tribological Materials, Second Edition cover
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William A. Glaeser
C. Richard Brundle
Charles A. Evans, Jr.

This book is a concise introduction to the major characterization techniques used for Tribological Properties of Materials. "Characterization of Tribological Materials, 2nd edition features:

Modeling Solid-State Precipitation

Modeling Solid-State Precipitation
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Ernst Kozeschnik

Momentum Press's Computational Materials Science and Engineering Series focuses on both classic and innovative modeling algorithms for computer-aided materials analysis as well as typical applications for each modeling technique. This book in the series focuses on computer modeling techniques for precipitation phenomena in materials undergoing phase transition from one state to another, with a focus on the sharp-interface limit model.

Raw and Finished Materials:A Concise Guide to Properties and Applications

Raw and Finished Materials
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Brian Dureu

This book will be a single-source, easy-to-use reference work on the principal characteristics and uses for major common types of metals, composites, and plastics.

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