Armen S. Casparian

Armen S. Casparian, professor of chemistry, Wentworth Institute of Technology (retired June 2013) and adjunct professor at Community College of Rhode Island. He is a chemical and engineering consultant in private practice with over 40 years of experience and expertise in: designing, developing, and teaching applied and engineering chemistry courses; laboratory instruction; chemical health and safety issues; compliance with OSHA and EPA regulations, and product liability issues --paints, coatings and adhesives failure.

Chemistry for Environmental Engineering

Chemistry for Environmental Engineering
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Armen S. Casparian and Gergely Sirokman

This book presents the basic principles of chemistry in a quick and clear presentation. All introductory chemistry topics are discussed, as are some organic chemistry topics, which are necessary for a good foundation to understand engineering applications. Readers will find quick and clear explanations, and many solved problems for reference.