David Apperley

David Apperley studied chemistry at the University of East Anglia, Norwich and gained a PhD for studies of dipolar coupling in solids from the Open University, Milton Keynes in 1986. He further developed his interest in solid-state NMR while working as a Senior Experimental Officer in the Durham Solid-state NMR Research Service, at first in the Industrial Research Laboratories, and now in the Department of Chemistry, Durham University. For many years he has been the manager of the facility, which serves both industry and other universities (the latter operation funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council). His role with the NMR Service is to provide access to, training in and interpretation of results from solid-state NMR measurements for scientists in industry and in UK universities. As well as providing support to organic, organometallic, inorganic and physical chemists, he specializes in the experimental application of solid-state NMR techniques to characterization or problem solving in a wide range of solid (and sometimes not so solid) materials, including pharmaceuticals, catalysts, ceramics and glasses, polymers (synthetic and natural), soils (and related materials) and household products. He has co-authored 150 publications in the scientific literature.

Solid-State NMR: Basic Principles and Practice

Solid State NMR
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David C. Apperley
Robin K Harris
Paul Hodgkinson

"...recommending this book...and even NMR veterans might benefit by refreshing or expanding their solid state NMR toolbox." -- Chemistry World Magazine, March 6, 2013