Deric Powell Jones

Deric Powell Jones received the degrees of BSc in physics and PhD in superconductivity from Imperial College, London, UK. He worked as a medical physicist at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital and then as a lecturer at the Medical School. During more than twenty-five years spent at St. Bartholomew’s, he became a reader in the University of London and head of the Department of Medical Electronics and Physics in the Medical School. His research interests include the application of opto-electronic techniques in anesthesia and surgery and also the development of new techniques for physiological measurements in respiration and ophthalmology. He is a fellow of the UK Institute of Physics and the UK Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine and a chartered engineer and a senior member of the U.S. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He is currently a professor affiliated to the Biomedical Engineering Department in the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at City University, London, UK.

Biomedical Sensors

Biomedical Sensors
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Deric P. Jones
Joe Watson

Sensors are the eyes, ears, and more, of the modern engineered product or system—including the living human organism. This authoritative reference work, part of Momentum Press’s new Sensors Technology Series, edited by Joe Watson, will offer a comprehensive review of biomedical sensors and their associated instrumentation systems now commonly used in modern medicine.