Dr. Paul Hodgkinson

Dr. Paul Hodgkinson

Dr. Paul Hodgkinson studied chemistry at Queen’s College, Oxford, completing his PhD in 1995 on the sampling of NMR data. His interests in solid-state NMR developed during postdoctoral research at UC Berkeley (Royal Society / NATO fellowship with Prof. Alex Pines) and at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (Marie-Curie fellowship with Prof. Lyndon Emsley). He was appointed to a research fellowship in the Chemistry Department, University of Durham, U.K., in 1998 and is currently a Reader in Magnetic Resonance at Durham, where he directs the Durham Solid-State NMR Research Service. His research combines interests in technique development and methodology in solid-state NMR as well as applications to chemical problems. His group develop NMR theory and numerical simulation software to explore the dynamics of large, coupled spin systems, and applies solid-state NMR in the area of structural chemistry, particularly of systems with mobility such as soft solids and solvates, and to pharmaceutical solids. A particular interest is in combining information from diffraction-based experiments, NMR and computation of NMR parameters (using DFT codes), and dynamics (molecular dynamics simulations). He has authored / co-authored over 60 research articles in the area of NMR.

Solid-State NMR: Basic Principles and Practice

Solid State NMR
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Paul Hodgkinson

"...recommending this book...and even NMR veterans might benefit by refreshing or expanding their solid state NMR toolbox." -- Chemistry World Magazine, March 6, 2013