Jon DiPietro

Jon DiPietro is the founder and principal of Domesticating IT, an internet marketing consultancy and blog. He is a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional and holds multiple leadership positions in the International Society of Automation, including Director of the Water/Wastewater Division and VP-elect of the Strategic Planning Department. He is a frequent speaker on Internet marketing and social media and is a certified Inbound Marketing Professional. Jon is a past president of the Boston Section of the International Society of Automation.

After receiving a BS in Electrical Engineering, Jon began his career as an automation engineer working primarily as a PLC programmer and HMI developer. Working his way up the information food chain, Jon became more and more immersed in software and database development until finally being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug in 1997 and co-founding Bridge-Soft. Since then, he has been traveling the road from a left-brained engineer to a right-brained blogger, salesman, marketer, and business owner.

Social Media for Engineers and Scientists

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Jon DiPietro

This is a terrific book...If you are an engineer, scientist, technologist or just plain interested, you should read this book.This book will explore the rising phenomena of internet-based social networking and discuss the particular challenges engineers and scientists will have in adapting to this new, content-centric environment.-- Walt Boyes, Editor in Chief,