Luciana Ribeiro Veloso

Luciana Ribeiro Veloso graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from UFPB, earned his master’s from UFPB and doctorate from UFCG. Currently he is an adjunct professor of electrical engineering at UFCG and an expert on signal and image processing and computer vision.

Digital Signal Processing

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João Marques de Carvalho, Edmar Candeia Gurjão, Luciana Ribeiro Veloso, and Carlos Danila Miranda Regis

This book covers the fundamentals of digital signal processing (DSP) in a concise format, accessible to anyone with a technical background, enabling the reader for further DSP training, research, and development. 

The authors explore many subjects, including discrete time (digital) signals and systems, with emphasis on linear shift invariant (LSI) systems; Fourier and the z transforms; signal sampling and analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion. The book finalizes with examples of DSP techniques applications to practical problems from several areas.