Narayanan Palani

As a proven software testing industry leader, Narayanan Palani volunteered to share technical knowledge through his best- selling book series, Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed. He has been endorsed by Tech-Nation as exceptional talent of UK within digital technology. His well-designed Github open source testing projects are accessed worldwide and helping job seekers to get entry into junior testing jobs.

Palani is a test specialist who holds eleven awards, seventeen international certifications, eight published research papers, and  ve books selling across the world. He continues to drive teams towards cutting edge technology implementations as a chapter lead for quality engineering.

Advanced Selenium Web Accessibility Testing: Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed

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Narayanan Palani

If you are searching a topic on Google or buying a product online, web accessibility is a basic need. If a web page is easier to access when using a mouse and complex to navigate with keyboard, this is extremely difficult for users with disabilities. Web Accessibility Testing is a most important testing practice for customers facing web applications.