Peter Martin

Peter Martin, Ph.D., Vice President & Fellow, Invensys Operations Management previously worked at The Foxboro Company and ARC where he held a variety of leadership positions in consulting, marketing, project management, engineering and training. He holds multiple patents and is the author or contributor to 5 books and hundreds of published papers and articles. He was recognized as a Hero of US Manufacturing by Fortune, awarded the International Society of Automation’s Life Achievement Award, named to the Process Automation Hall of Fame, named a Fellow by ISA, and was named as one of the Control Industries 50 most Influential Innovators by InTech.

Real-Time Control of the Industrial Enterprise

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Peter Martin
Walt Boyes

Over the last fifty years, almost none of the productivity gains in manufacturing have come from better chemistry or better design, or even better management and financial controls. Rather, those gains have come from better automation and control of the processes: continuous, batch, hybrid , and discrete. The secret to making manufacturing sustainable is better control. So, why aren't the theories that have led to enormous gains in productivity being used above the plant level?