Ryan Rogers

Ryan Rogers, PhD, is an assistant professor of biology in the department of sciences at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts. Ryan has always been intrigued by science and truly enjoys sharing her passionate outlook with students. She began genetics research as an undergraduate at Wagner College and expanded her interests during a fellowship at Johns Hopkins University, studying neurodevelopment in Down syndrome. After earning a BS in biology, Ryan completed a PhD in biomedical science with a concentration in genetics and developmental biology at the University of Connecticut Health Center. She investigated the molecular genetics of aging, specifically the impact of reduced reactive oxygen species as a result of genetic mutations on cellular homeostasis in Drosophila melanogaster. Her current areas of expertise are molecular genetics, molecular basis of disease pathology, and the influence of metabolism on development and aging. In addition to teaching courses in molecular biology and genetics, Ryan actively conducts research with undergraduate students using Drosophila to investigate the relationship between stress, metabolism, and aging.

Cell and Molecular Biology for Environmental Engineers

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Ryan Rogers

Understanding the molecular underpinnings of life is a task requiring insight from multiple disciplines. In that likeness, biologists have moved toward a systemic approach drawing from the expertise of computational scientists, chemists, engineers, and mathematicians. This collaborative approach requires translation of biological semantics into common language so that the molecular mechanisms can be decoded to promote health, design devices, and preserve environmental homeostasis.