Valdemar C. da Rocha, Jr.

Valdemar C. da Rocha, Jr.

Valdemar C. da Rocha, Jr. received his B.Sc. (1970) in Electrical/Electronics Engineering from the Escola Politecnica, Recife, Brazil, and his Ph.D. (1976) in Electronics from the University of Kent at Canterbury. He is a founding member, former President (2004-2008) and Emeritus Member (2008) of the Brazilian Telecommunications Society. He is also a Life Senior Member (2013) of the
IEEE Communications Society and the IEEE Information Theory Society and a Fellow (1992) of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. In 2005 he co-authored the book entitled Communication Systems, Springer. His research interests include information theory, error-correcting codes and cryptography.

Elements of Algebraic Coding Systems

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Valdemar Cardosa da Rocha

Elements of Algebraic Coding Systems is an introductory text to algebraic coding theory. In the first chapter, you'll gain inside knowledge of coding fundamentals, which is essential for a deeper understanding of state-of-the-art coding systems.