Aircraft Performance and Sizing, Volume I: Fundamentals of Aircraft Performance

Aircraft Performance and Sizing, Volume I

Timothy Takahashi

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This book is a concise, practical treatise for the student or experienced professional aircraft designer. This first volume comprises key fundamental subjects for aerodynamic performance analysis: the basics of flight mechanics bridging both engineering and piloting perspectives, propulsion system performance attributes, practical drag prediction methods, aircraft “up and away” flight performance, and aircraft mission performance. This book may serve as a textbook for an undergraduate aircraft performance course or as a reference for the classically trained practicing engineer.

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Timothy Takahashi

Dr. Timothy Takahashi is a professor of practice for aerospace engineering in the School for the Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy at Arizona State University. He holds a PhD in mechanical and aerospace sciences from the University of Rochester and a JD in high technology law from Santa Clara University. At Arizona State University, he teaches aircraft performance, aerodynamics, aerospace structures & materials, as well as coordinating senior undergraduate capstone projects in fixed wing aircraft design.