Alarm Management for Process Control, Second Edition: A Best-Practice Guide for Design, Implementation, and Use of Industrial Alarm Systems

Douglas H. Rothenberg

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Praise For The First Edition... 

This book provides a thorough view of what it takes to manage our alarms. But it is not just a book on alarm management; the underlying messages are about Safety and Awareness. It solidly conveys the mantra that the most effective way to run a manufacturing site is this: Ensure employee safety & provide a work environment that delivers the right amount of information at exactly the right time. The book contains details and insight that can only be gained through experience, lessons learned, and problem solving. It is presented for those of us with an interest or desire for proper alarm management, yet who do not know where to start or how to sustain our progress. -- A.T. Stump

His book is a comprehensive treatment of the current best practices in industrial process control alarm management. Doug covers the entire alarm management process from how to recognize the level of performance of existing systems through the methodology and procedures for redesigning (or designing new) state-of-the-practice alarm systems. All critical tasks are explained, with examples and insight into what they mean. -- Walt Boyes, Control Magazine

This is the most complete book on alarm management; it covers the theory and many years of practical experience in resolving alarm issues. I found the book to be full of gems for an alarm management rationalization team. —Ian Nimmo, Founder of ASM Consortium; currently President of UCDS

The first edition of this book received enthusiastic reception in the industrial communities world wide. Through its careful treatment and broad coverage, it has elevated alarm management to a place of importance for control room operational safety. 

This book elevates alarm management from a fragmented collection of procedures, metrics, experiences, and trial-and-error, to the level of a technology discipline. It provides a complete treatment of best practices in alarm management. The technology and approaches found here provide the opportunity to completely understand the what, the why, and the how of successful alarm systems.

No modern industrial enterprise, particularly in such areas as chemical processing, can operate without a secure and reliable infrastructure of alarms and controls—they are an integral part of all production management and control systems. Improving alarm management is an effective way to provide operators with high-value support and guidance to successfully manage industrial plant operations. Readers will find:

• Recommendations and guidelines are developed from fundamental concepts to provide powerful technical tools and workable approaches.

• Alarms are treated as indicators of abnormal situations, not simply sensor readings that might be out of position.

• Alarm improvement is intimately linked to infrastructure management, including the vital role of plant maintenance to alarm management, the need to manage operators’ charter to continue to operate during abnormal situations vs. cease operation, and the importance of situation awareness without undue reliance upon alarms

The ability to appreciate technical issues is important, but this book requires no previous specific technical, educational, or experiential background. The style and content are very accessible to a broad industrial audience from board operator to plant manager. All critical tasks are explained with work flow processes, examples, and insight into what it all means. Alternatives are offered everywhere to enable users to tailor-make solutions to their particular sites.

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Douglas H. Rothenberg

Doug Rothenberg is founder and President of D-RoTH, Inc., a leading world-class consulting firm in all areas of alarm management systems for industrial manufacturing and technology providers, based in Shaker Heights, Ohio. He holds a BSEE in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech, a MSEE from Case Institute of Technology, and a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.