Automated Weighing Technology: Process Solutions

Ralph Closs
Henry Vandelinde
Matt Morrissey

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Weighing items and bulk materials is one of the most essential aspects of any industrial enterprise, and automating those tasks is at the heart of any automated enterprise. This book will review the essential challenges in both static and dynamic weighing and then go on to explain how a suite of very popular, highly adopted controllers and sensors from Siemens electronics can be used to make such operations as efficient as possible. Useful applications for various types of industrial processes help to make vivid the benefits of this technology.

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Ralph Closs and Matt Morrissey

Ralph Closs spent over four decades in the weighing business, much of it in the field. As Siemens Weighing Product Manager, Ralph spent a lifetime around scales, conveyor belts, and flowmeters influencing generations of operators and application engineers.

Matt Morrissey is the Product Manager for Siemens weighing technology products in Peterborough, Canada. Matt has been with Siemens for nine years He holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology, is a Certified Engineering Technologist, and holds a Professional Project Manager designation.