Basics of Polymers, Volume I: Testing and Characterization

Muralisrinivasan Subramanian

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The Basics of Polymers is written exclusively about chemical methods of polymer testing aimed at producing a high degree of manufacturing and quality control of polymer products. Polymer testing has assumed importance for industries dependent on polymers and additives as key product components. The text is intended to serve as a handbook for students, engineers, and people involved in polymer synthesis and laboratory work.

This book provides information on identification and characterization of polymers by chemical methods. Specifically aimed at graduate-level students, its style of presentation is practical, making it easier to grasp. The author hopes this book will encourage and foster continuing method development and application of chemical methods for characterizing polymers. Education and training of people being of paramount importance, it is also valuable to all educators/processors as a tremendous resource that answers commonly asked questions.

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Muralisrinivasan Natamai Subramanian

Muralisrinivasan Natamai Subramanian is a plastics technology consultant specializing in materials, additives, and processing equipment, including troubleshooting. The author obtained his B.Sc in Chemistry from the Madurai Kamaraj University and his M.Sc (1988) in Polymer Technology from Bharathiar University. He received his Post Graduate Diploma in Plastics Processing Technology from CIPET, Chennai. He has also completed his Doctor of Philosophy in Polymer Science from Madurai Kamaraj University.