Biomedical Engineering Dictionary of Technical Terms and Phrases: English to Arabic and Arabic to English

Sally F. Shady

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Biomedical engineering is one of the most prominent and rapidly developing engineering fields. It is a discipline that is involved in the development of devices, algorithms, processes, procedures and systems to enhance and improve the medical field. Biomedical engineering has multiple areas of specialization that include: biomechanics, biomaterials, tissue engineering, imaging, and bioinstrumentation.

This book serves as a guide to students and professionals seeking to understand commonly used technical terms and phrases in the biomedical engineering field. The content is specifically designed to define technical terms in a general context to facilitate an overall understanding. The author begins by translating terms in English to Arabic then Arabic to English. This text can be used as a tool in the academic or professional environment for both English speaking and non- English speaking individuals alike.

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Sally F. Shady

Dr Sally Fouad Shady obtained her doctorate from the University of Massachusetts (UMASS) in biomedical engineering and biotechnology. During her doctoral research, she investigated the synthesis and characterization of core shell nanospheres encapsulated with antibiotics which were implanted into a contact lens. She later developed a drug-embedded fiber used for periodontal disease. She continues to research alternate drug delivery techniques to transport therapeutic agents to biological tissues more efficiently.