Biomedical Sensors

Biomedical Sensors

Deric P. Jones
Joe Watson

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Sensors are the eyes, ears, and more, of the modern engineered product or system- including the living human organism. This authoritative reference work, part of Momentum Press's Sensors Technology series, edited by noted sensors expert, Dr. Joe Watson, will offer a complete review of all sensors and their associated instrumentation systems now commonly used in modern medicine. Readers will find invaluable data and guidance on a wide variety of sensors used in biomedical applications, from fluid flow sensors, to pressure sensors, to chemical analysis sensors. New developments in biomaterials- based sensors that mimic natural bio-systems will be covered as well. Also featured will be ample references throughout, along with a useful Glossary and symbols list, as well as convenient conversion tables.

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Deric Powell Jones

Deric Powell Jones received the degrees of BSc in physics and PhD in superconductivity from Imperial College, London, UK. He worked as a medical physicist at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital and then as a lecturer at the Medical School. During more than twenty-five years spent at St. Bartholomew’s, he became a reader in the University of London and head of the Department of Medical Electronics and Physics in the Medical School.