Characterization of Tribological Materials, Second Edition

Characterization of Tribological Materials, Second Edition cover

William A. Glaeser
C. Richard Brundle
Charles A. Evans, Jr.

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This classic text discusses the use of advanced surface science characterization techniques in friction, adhesive and abrasive wear, boundary lubrication, contact fatigue, and other important failure processes--techniques that are all increasingly routine in advanced quality control of processes and in the manufacture of precision components. This book is an indispensable asset to scientists and engineers using tribological characterization techniques. New content in this edition include: * four new figures to illustrate real surface contact added to Chapter 1. * coverage of the use of the Environmental SEM (ESEM) in examining wear of fiber glass filled PTFE added to chapter 4. * new information on the wear of ceramics added to Chapter 5. * updates for new analytical systems added to Chapter 6. * coverage of Atomic Force Microscope (ATM) and its usefulness in the field of nano-tribology, providing not only full microtopography of surface roughness but also measurement of nano-friction and nano-hardness of surface films, added in a new Chapter 9.. * the 17 Appendices have been completely revamped with essential information organized into convenient tables.

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William A. Glaeser

William A. Glaeser (Fellow, STEL) is a senior research scientist in Battelle’s Structural Materials and Tribology Section. He has directed research efforts in tribology, encompassing development of wear-resistant materials, investigation of the wear process, and solution of engineering problems involving wear and lubrication. . He has taught the principles and failure analysis course for the ASM Academy of Metals and served as Vice Chairman of an ASME International Conference on Wear of Materials.