College Student Psychological Adjustment: Theory, Methods, and Statistical Trends

College Student Psychological Adjustment: Theory, Methods and Statistical Trends

Jonathan Mattanah

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College Student Psychological Adjustment: Theory, Methods, and Statistical Trends introduces the reader to the college adjustment process, highlighting the many challenges facing college students today. The four chapters review recent trends in college attendance and mental and physical health problems of college students, classic and contemporary theories of college student development (such as Chickering’s seven vectors of development), and techniques for studying student adjustment, targeting five domains of adjustment most relevant to college students. The final chapter provides an overview of the unique adjustment challenges of ethnic minority students adjusting to predominantly white colleges as well as the adjustment process for minority students attending historically black colleges and universities.

This book is aimed at advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and scholars in the fields of psychology, human development, and higher education who are interested in understanding the process of college adjustment. It is also an excellent starting point for scholars who may wish to design their own study of college students and their adjustment challenges.

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Jonathan Mattanah

Jonathan Mattanah

Dr. Mattanah has taught courses in clinical and developmental psychology for 17 years as a professor at Towson University and conducted research on college student adjustment. He is a member of the Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood and the American Psychological Association and sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Counseling Psychology.