Construction Crew Supervision: 50 Take Charge Leadership Techniques & Light Construction Glossary

Construction Crew Supervision

Karl F. Schmid

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In this construction supervisor’s pocket-sized manual, construction managers and field supervisors alike will find a concise tool kit of leadership skills to motivate and marshal workers onsite. It provides solid, common sense guidelines to preempt, use, and refer to, as problems arise—from unexpected work stoppages to getting better performance and productivity from all. It provides quality tools specifically intended for construction crew supervisors, who have one of the toughest leadership job of all: managing workers with a wide range of skills under difficult and sometimes dangerous work conditions.

The accompanying glossary of common light construction terms and phrases will also be of immense help when one is faced with unfamiliar items and procedures on the job site. The book can also be used in the classroom as a useful adjunct to more traditional texts on construction management.

Readers will find…

  • How to set the right workplace stage for effectively managing construction work crews
  • Tips on handling difficult crew workers, measuring work performance, and providing useful feedback
  • Provides an invaluable glossary of common, on-the-job-site terminology and construction engineering terms.

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Armen S. Casparian

Armen S. Casparian, professor of chemistry, Wentworth Institute of Technology (retired June 2013) and adjunct professor at Community College of Rhode Island. He is a chemical and engineering consultant in private practice with over 40 years of experience and expertise in: designing, developing, and teaching applied and engineering chemistry courses; laboratory instruction; chemical health and safety issues; compliance with OSHA and EPA regulations, and product liability issues --paints, coatings and adhesives failure.