Conversion Factors for Environmental Engineers

Conversion Factors for Environmental Engineers

Francis J. Hopcroft

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Units of measurement are at the heart of nearly every scientific and engineering discipline. And converting from one unit of measurement (miles) to another (kilometers) is commonplace and easily looked up on readily available tables, both print and online sites. But oftentimes those tables and sites don’t fully explain the proper use and context of such units, nor do they provide information on historic measurement units that are no longer used but still show up on historic survey maps and documents.

This reference manual provides a list of approximately 4,000 unit conversion factors useful to Environmental Engineers (as well as civil engineers and others). It includes common conversions, such as feet to meters, miles to feet, and gallons to liters, but it also includes more obscure units that show up in old reports, old land surveys and historic site records, such as chains and links (Gunter’s and Ramden’s), barns, perches, quintals, and ares.

The book provides conversions for each unit to a variety of other units and back again with direct multiplier factors. An Introduction, including an explanation of how dimensions and units are developed, and a “How to Use This Book” section, including a Table of Standard Unit Symbols, provide the reader with the guidance necessary to use the book effectively.

The book also a “Glossary of Unit Terminology” to explain the meaning of every unit used in the conversion tables and a short section at the beginning of the conversion table provides a quick summary of the more common unit conversions environmental engineers tend to require.

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Francis J. Hopcroft

Francis Hopcroft

Francis J. Hopcroft has been teaching civil and environmental engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA, since January 1994. He has written several books on various topics such as hazardous waste management, wastewater treatment, and engineering economics. He served as the collection editor for the Environmental Engineering Collection at Momentum Press since 2013 and has published or reviewed dozens of professional papers, articles, and presentations.