Cryogenic Systems: Advanced Monitoring, Fault Diagnostics, and Predictive Maintenance

Pasquale Arpaia, Mario Girone, Vitaliano Inglese, and Marco Pezzetti

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In this book, advanced methods and techniques of monitoring, fault diagnostics, and predictive maintenance for cryogenics are illustrated. In Part I on Background, mainstreams in the related research are reviewed. In Part II of Methods, for monitoring helium distribution and consumption in cryogenic systems for particle accelerators, a virtual flowmeter is presented. Then, for fault diagnostics, two methods, for fault detection on a compressor, and for distributed diagnostics based on a micro-genetic algorithm, are described. Finally, for predictive maintenance, a metaheuristic optimization scheduling algorithm is illustrated. In Part III of Application examples, several practical case studies are described for highlighting the application of the previous methods to cryogenics of particle accelerators at CERN.

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Pasquale Arpaia

Pasquale Arpaia

Pasquale Arpaia is professor of instrumentation and measurements at University of Naples Federico II (Italy) and team leader at European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). In last years, he was scientific responsible of more than 30 awarded research projects in cooperation with industry, with related patents and international licences, and funded four academic spin off companies.

Mario Girone

Mario Girone has a master's degree in electrical engineering at University of Napoli Federico II and a PhD in information engineering at University of Sannio (Italy) in collaboration with CERN on advanced diagnostics for cryogenic systems. He is currently working at Arup as building services designer.

Vitaliano Inglese

Vitaliano Inglese has a master's degree in automation engineering at the University of Sannio in 2006, and a PhD in electrical engineering at University of Napoli Federico II (Italy) in 2010. He is currently working at CERN in the domain of electricity and controls applied to cryogenics.

Marco Pezzetti

Marco Pezzetti has a master's degree in mechanical engineering at Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and a PhD in automatic at the Picardie Jules Verne University (France). He is currently senior staff and section leader for the control section of the cryogenics group at CERN.