Digital Systems Design, Volume I: Numbering Systems and Logical Operations

Larry Massengale

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Working as an engineer with advanced weapon systems for more than 25 years, it was crucial to understand the fundamentals of numbering systems, logic gate design, and the logical math known as Boolean Algebra. Whether for a technician or an engineer, these fundamentals are the basics of engineering and are essential in interpreting logic gate functionality. The intent of this book is to provide a larger amount of information than most commercial engineering references currently offer.

The text covers a vast array of topics, including, numbering systems such as binary, octal, hexadecimal, gray code, binary-coded decimal, constants and variables, implementing the basic design of truth tables, basic gate operators, Boolean Algebra symbology, and logic gate operations, and much more. The chapter review and chapter answer sections provide an extensive number of questions with comprehensive insight to showing how to attain the answers.

This book will be an extremely valuable asset for technical and engineering students studying digital system design.

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Larry Massengale

Larry Massengale has had a broad technical and engineering career encompassing military, defense contractor, and civil servant job positions. His multifaceted career involved positions dealing with maintaining weapon systems, engineering design, research and development, production, logistical support, testing and evaluation, life-cycle management, integration, acquisition, sustainment, modification, software engineering management, and multiple other positions.