Elements of Algebraic Coding Systems

Valdemar Cardosa da Rocha

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Elements of Algebraic Coding Systems is an introductory text to algebraic coding theory. In the first chapter, you'll gain inside knowledge of coding fundamentals, which is essential for a deeper understanding of state-of-the-art coding systems.

This book is a quick reference for those who are unfamiliar with this topic, as well as for use with specific applications such as cryptography and communication. Linear error-correcting block codes through elementary principles span eleven chapters of the text. Cyclic codes, some finite field algebra, Goppa codes, algebraic decoding algorithms, and applications in public-key cryptography and secret-key cryptography are discussed, including problems and solutions at the end of each chapter. Three appendices cover the Gilbert bound and some related derivations, a derivation of the Mac- Williams' identities based on the probability of undetected error, and two important tools for algebraic decoding--namely, the finite field Fourier transform and the Euclidean algorithm for polynomials.

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Valdemar C. da Rocha, Jr.

Valdemar C. da Rocha, Jr.

Valdemar C. da Rocha, Jr. received his B.Sc. (1970) in Electrical/Electronics Engineering from the Escola Politecnica, Recife, Brazil, and his Ph.D. (1976) in Electronics from the University of Kent at Canterbury. He is a founding member, former President (2004-2008) and Emeritus Member (2008) of the Brazilian Telecommunications Society. He is also a Life Senior Member (2013) of the