Engineering the High Tech Start Up, Volume I: Fundamentals and Theory

Cory R.A. Hallam and William Flannery

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This two-volume set has been written primarily for engineers, technicians, and scientists who are contemplating the unknown but attractive world of technological entrepreneurship, a key driver of economic growth in developed countries and critical in stimulating growth in developing countries. The purpose is to prepare these professionals as members of teams focusing on commercializing new technology-based products. The material has also been used to introduce engineering students to the processes involved in technological entrepreneurship.

Volume one provides a background of fundamentals and theory to prepare the reader for the venture launch. Topics include the entrepreneurial process, the venture team, developing and marketing high tech products, and launching the new venture. Volume two goes into detail in critical areas such as intellectual property protection, legal forms of organization, financial projections, and business plan preparation and delivery. The primary emphasis is focused on creating lean and agile organizations capable of recognizing opportunities, quickly developing introductory products for small test markets to better define the opportunities, and using the results of those test markets to arrive at a product with wide acceptance capable of driving growth.

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Cory R.A. Hallam

Cory R.A. Hallam holds an engineering degree from Carleton University and a master’s degree in engineering and PhD in technology management and policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His career includes work in aerospace, biotechnology, and medical devices. He held the Jacobson Distinguished Professorship of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in academia and has worked closely with many early stage technology start-ups, and invests in, advises, and mentors technology companies.

William Flannery

William Flannery holds a master’s degree in physics and a PhD in management from the University of Houston. He served as vice president of a small technology firm serving both government and industry clients, studied the management of innovative technology programs, and taught for 39 years at the University of Texas at San Antonio where he held the Melvin Lachman Distinguished Professorship in Entrepreneurship.