The Engineering Language: A Consolidation of the Words and Their Definitions

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Ronald Hanifan

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Unlike other engineering dictionaries that tend to focus only on narrow and arcane technical words, this dictionary explains the major, commonly used words found in engineering documents and drawings, and explains them in plain, unambiguous English. It also explains how some terms take on different meanings in different engineering contexts-vital when working on collaborative projects across different engineering disciplines. -- Based on a dictionary that was developed for engineers and technicians at Lockheed Martin. -- Each definition written in clear, everyday English to avoid confusing jargon and 'techno-speak' problems.

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Ronald Hanifan

Ronald Hanifan has over 30 years of experience in the engineering field and has been active in many major defense and commercial programs with some of the top firms in the United States. He has developed projects at Lockheed Martin, Magnavox, General Dynamics, Litton Data Systems, Motorola, and Borg Warner.