Fertility, Infertility, and Treatment Options

Ronnee Yashon and Michael R. Cummings

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It seems simple to create a baby, after all everyone does it. Even simpler is the definition of fertility. For a successful conception, you need only three things: egg, sperm, and uterus. However, all of these components have to work together to produce a healthy baby, but what happens if one of these parts is not working properly, or is missing altogether?

In this book, we will be discussing normal fertility, infertility, and treatment developed in the last 30 years to help with a problem that is almost an epidemic in some countries. These treatments, called assisted reproduction for infertility, have led scientists to find ways to place the sperm and egg as close together as possible so that they fuse and begin development of an embryo.

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Ronnee Yashon

Ronnee Yashon is a nationally known expert in teaching genetics, ethics, and the law on all levels. She has a law degree and a background in teaching in the high school, undergraduate, and college levels. In addition, Ronnee has developed and presented numerous workshops for science teachers and disseminated interdisciplinary lessons at local and national conventions, including NSTA and NABT. Ronnee has presented this case study method all over the country and she has six case study books for teacher’s use.

Michael R. Cummings

Michael R. Cummings is the author or coauthor of several leading college textbooks, including Human Heredity Principles and Issues, Concepts of Genetics and Essentials of Genetics. He also authored an introductory biology text for nonmajors titled Biology: Science and Life. Mike was on the faculty of Illinois at Chicago for over 25 years, and won many awards for his teaching. He was twice named by graduating seniors as the best teacher in their years at the university.