Industrial Resource Utilization and Productivity: Understanding the Linkages

Industrial Resource Utilization and Productivity

Anil Mital
Arun Pennathur

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This compendium of recent advances in the use of modern technology and management concepts-- from distributed virtual manufacturing enterprises to integrating green technology in a cost-effective manner to materials and energy savings offers engineers and technical managers the needed insight to plan for future growth and success. Greater utilization and availability of resources in the workplace are directly related to better design and better engineering in the manufacturing economy. The book explores how energy-efficient smart materials and structures hold tremendous potential for realizing cost savings and improving energy use in the modern industrial workplace. It also shows how industrial engineers have developed a variety of analytical and computer-based tools and technologies for planning, forecasting and scheduling resources including time, labor, and more recently, energy. Readers will also find: -- New trends in 'i-Manufacturing' -- Finding optimal ways to distribute goods and services -- Human Resources Management in the context of efficient manufacturing -- Resources Planning, Forecasting and Scheduling -- Distribution, Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization -- Green Design and Manufacturing.

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Anil Mital

Anil Mital

Anil Mital, PhD, is professor of mechanical engineering and manufacturing engineering & design at the University of Cincinnati. He is also a professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of Cincinnati. Formerly, he was a professor and director of industrial engineering at the same institution. Dr. Mital holds a BE degree in mechanical engineering with highest honors from Allahabad University, India, and an MS and PhD in industrial engineering from Kansas State University and Texas Tech University, respectively.

Arun Pennathur

Arun Pennathur, PhD, is an associate professor of industrial engineering at the University of Texas, El Paso. He edits the International Journal of Industrial Engineering and the Journal of Applications and Practices in Engineering Education. His research on human factors and engineering education is funded by NSF and NIH.