Information System Research: Fundamentals of Scientific Research for the Consumer

Matthew A. Taylor

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This book explores how to conduct information system (IS) research using various approaches that are grounded in proven scientific methods. It is primarily for consumers of IS research and for individuals involved in any type of academic research across various disciplines. This book is designed to enable IS researchers and consumers to make more professional and scientific decisions about evaluating, locating, reading, and critiquing the findings of scientific research. It has been shown that many IS research community lacks its own scientific theories and models.

It has also been shown that workable research problem, purpose, method, design, instruments, samples, population, data collection, and processing used in other fields are also applicable to research in IS. Thus, the stages of scientific research from problem conception to analysis and interpretation will be discussed in the context of IS research.

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Matthew A. Taylor

Dr. Matthew A. Taylor is a proven computer scientist with more than 20 years of verifiable IT experience across a broad spectrum of technologies, industries, and sectors. Consequently, He understands the need for more written literature and research in Computer. Dr. Taylor holds a doctor of philosophy degree in business administration and applied computer science from Northcentral University, an MS in computer electronic commerce from the University of Maryland University College (UMUC), and a BSc in computer information systems from Andrews University. Dr.