An Introduction to Transport Phenomena In Materials Engineering, Second Edition

Transport Phenomena

David Gaskell

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This classic text on fluid flow, heat transfer, and mass transport has been brought up to date in this second edition. The author has added a chapter on 'Boiling and Condensation' that expands and rounds out the book's comprehensive coverage on transport phenomena. These new topics are particularly important to current research in renewable energy resources involving technologies such as windmills and solar panels. The book provides you and other materials science and engineering students and professionals with a clear yet thorough introduction to these important concepts. It balances the explanation of the fundamentals governing fluid flow and the transport of heat and mass with common applications of these fundamentals to specific systems existing in materials engineering. You will benefit from: * The use of familiar examples such as air and water to introduce the influences of properties and geometry on fluid flow. * An organization with sections dealing separately with fluid flow, heat transfer, and mass transport. This sequential structure allows the development of heat transport concepts to employ analogies of heat flow with fluid flow and the development of mass transport concepts to employ analogies with heat transport. * Ample high-quality graphs and figures throughout. * Key points presented in chapter summaries. * End of chapter exercises and solutions to selected problems. * An all new and improved comprehensive index.

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David Gaskell

David Gaskell was born in Glasgow, Scotland and received B.Sc. degrees in metallurgy and technical chemistry from the University of Glasgow in 1962. From 1962 to 1964 he was employed as the Metallurgist with Laporte Chemical Ltd., a manufacturer of industrial chemicals, with two plants in England. He obtained his Ph.D. from McMaster University in 1967 and, from 1967 to 1982, he was a professor of metallurgy, materials science and geology at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1982 he came to Purdue, where he has won five departmental teaching awards.