A Life-Cycle Approach to Treating Couples: From Dating to Death

Anne K. Fishel

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Advance Quotes For This Outstanding New Book!

Many therapists believe couple therapy is the most difficult -- more than individual or family therapy. Dr Fishel will change your mind about this! In clear language, she makes simple the complex relationships of couples without robbing them of their texture or quality. This book is for all professionals who want to understand how to strengthen the bond between intimate partners. --Susan McDaniel, PhD. 2016 President of the American Psychological Association

Anne Fishel has provided us with a rich, comprehensive, and evocative look at therapy for couples at different stages of the life cycle. She uses what is known from research and from vivid vignettes to provide helpful questions for therapists to pose to partners at each stage of life that will enrich their conversations and connections with one another. This volume will be invaluable for psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and those who train professional therapists to work with couples. I daresay it would also be eye-opening and helpful to couples themselves, who will surely find themselves in many of its rich examples. -- Carolyn Pape Cowan, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Psychology Emerita, University of California, Berkeley; Co-Author of When Partners Become Parents: The Big Life Change for Couples.

In her beautifully written portrait of the life cycle of couples, Anne Fishel has woven together research, memorable examples from her clinical practice and helpful suggestions for practitioners into a truly helpful guide. Any family therapist who reads this book will find him or herself better equipped to meet and help couples of any age on their marital journey. -- Michael Thompson, Ph.D., co-author of Raising Cain

A Life-Cycle Approach to Treating Couples draws on 30 years of clinical work and a rich body of research about life-cycle theory to offer couple therapists a guide to helping couples traverse six developmental stages—dating and commitment; transition to parenthood; midlife couples; launching and retiring couples; late-life couples; and relationship endings. For each stage, the author offers clinical vignettes as well as questions and strategies for the clinician to pursue. In this clear and authoritative book, Fishel provides examples and research about clients who are diverse in their marital status, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, SES, and health.

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Anne K. Fishel

Anne K. Fishel, PhD, is an associate clinical professor of psychology at the Harvard Medical School and the director of the family and couple therapy program at Massachusetts General Hospital, where she trains child and adult psychiatry residents and psychology interns in family and couple therapy. She is the author of two previous books: Home for Dinner: Mixing Food, Fun, and Conversation for a Happier Family and Healthier Kids (2015) and Treating the Adolescent in Family Therapy: A Developmental and Narrative Approach (1999).