Liposomes: Fundamentals, Properties, and Applications for Targeted Drug Delivery

Ashok Bhaskarwar

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With the advancements in technology since their discovery, newer methods of generating liposomes have been developed. Needless to say, over time liposomes have been modifed to a large extent and engineered to suit many of our growing needs. This book throws light on the various methods of preparation and characterization of liposomes. It also discusses the several biochemical and indirect methods that have made it possible to understand the biological and physicochemical mechanisms of liposomes that decide their fate in vivo.

In spite of certain limitations, liposomes have proved to be more suitable for a number of unconventional applications. This versatility of liposomes outlined in the book brings out the importof these nanoparticles in the future applications of nanotechnology besides targeted drug delivery. Overall, this book provides the new information about the various aspects of liposomes for beginners.

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Madhumati Bhaskarwar

Madhumati Bhaskarwar, MS in marine biology from the Institute of Science, Mumbai, India. She researched, at National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, micro fouling of surfaces in the oceanic, estuarine, and lagoon waters on the west coast of India. She has taught biology and biotechnology for 30 years and has published several scientific papers, popular articles, and a book.

Anjulika Joshi

Dr Anjulika Joshi, PhD, is a biochemist. She researched “biochemical attraction in mastomys natalensis during Brugia malayi infection” and carried out toxicological studies at the Indian Toxicological Research Centre, Lucknow. Anjulika has 10 research papers and a book to her credit. She has taught biology and biotechnology for over two decades.

Ashok N. Bhaskarwar

Professor Ashok N. Bhaskarwar, PhD; chemical engineering; Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He has taught at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi since 1990, was head of the department of chemical engineering at IIT, and was visiting professor the University of Minnesota. Ashok has 29 patents and 180 publications and he incubated a startup entitled EnNatura Technology Ventures Pvt. Ltd., which manufactures pollution preventing lithographic printing inks.