Little Book of Healthcare Marketing: Helping Clinics and Practitioners Build Brand and a Thriving Practice

Little Book of Healthcare Marketing

Drew Stevens

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Medical marketing is something not thought of by physicians. Yet, it is the most important business aspect of the practice. If there is no marketing then there are no patients. When there is an empty waiting room due to poor marketing; the practice struggles. This book is designed to help physicians understand the importance of effective, targeted marketing in order to build relationships and attract new clients.

The ideology today is that you are all in the relationship business. The more relationships that you develop allows these new individuals to your “marketing” world. Today’s doctors must create a community—a strong one. If you want to build or maintain a thriving practice, then this book will provide you the tools and techniques to become a brand, manifest a community, and instantly attract others to you.

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Drew Stevens

Drew Stevens

Dr. Drew Stevens, PhD, works with struggling physicians and transforms them into wealthy professionals. He works with medical practitioners and their practices to create efficiencies that build leaders, manifest brand, and orient the practice into a profitable and sustainable entity. Dr.