Mastering Lean Six Sigma : Advanced Black Belt Concepts

Salman Taghizadegan

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A Master Black Belt (MBB) in Six Sigma statistical quality control is awarded to those individuals who possess the highest level of expertise and knowledge of current industry practice. Becoming a Master Black Belt involves a great deal more than just learning advanced statistical techniques. It also involves knowing how to use those tools to implement and manage an overall Lean Six Sigma program. This book develops a dynamic program to meet the requirements of a MBB and provides the necessary skills for leading a company in a Quality Improvement initiative. It is modeled after the ASQ MBB Certificate and prepares students for their application process and exam. It also provides students and practitioners with the comprehensive Lean Six Sigma leadership tools, methodologies and roadmaps to drive successful implementation of Lean Six Sigma and other process improvement methodologies within any organization. Highlights of the book include * an introduction to the requirements and knowledge needed for a Six-Sigma Master Black-Belt. * guidance on how to design a strategic Lean Six-Sigma Infrastructure successfully. * guidance on how to manage multiple on-going Lean Six-Sigma Black-Belts Projects. * coverage of statistical analysis concepts and advanced measurement methods and tools. * illustrative case studies.

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Salman Taghizadegan

Salman Taghizadegan, Ph.D., is one of the leading Lean Six Sigma masters. He has over twenty five years of academic and industrial experience in Lean Six Sigma, chemical processing, and plastics, design, and control engineering. He is an international process-quality/reliability improvement consultant and heads the Lean Six Sigma for Green, Black, and Master Black Belt program at the California State University, San Marcos, where he is a lecturer in the engineering department.