Mechanical Blood Trauma In Circulatory-Assist Devices

Mechanical Blood Trauma In Circulatory-Assist Devices

Timothy M. Maul, Marina V. Kameneva, and Peter D. Wearden

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This concise monograph series focuses on the implementation of various engineering principles in the conception, design, development, analysis and operation of biomedical, biotechnological and nanotechnology systems and applications. The primary objective of the series is to compile the latest research topics in biomedical and nanomedical technologies, specifically devices and materials.

Each volume comprises a collection of invited manuscripts, written in an accessible manner and of a concise and manageable length. These timely collections will provide an invaluable resource for initial enquiries about technologies, encapsulating the latest developments and applications with reference sources for further detailed information. The content and format have been specifically designed to stimulate further advances and applications of these technologies by reaching out to the non-specialist across a broad audience.

Contributions to Biomedical and Nanomedical Technologies will inspire interest in further research and development using these technologies and encourage other potential applications. This will foster the advancement of biomedical and nanomedical applications, ultimately improving healthcare delivery.

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