Modern Biotechnology: Defining and Solving Human Problems

Stephanie Stockwell

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Biotechnology is a fascinating interdisciplinary field uniquely poised to take on some of the world’s most complex problems. With this thesis at its core, Modern Biotechnology: Defining and Solving Human Problems takes a refreshing problems-based approach to exploring the field. Novice readers will come away with a broad appreciation for the significance of current and emerging biotechnologies—from regenerative medicine, to genetically enhanced crops, to biofuels. Experts will benefit from the concise review of timely game-changing technologies such as DNA sequence-by-synthesis and genome editing.

Despite being set within a conceptual framework of “ wicked” problems (i.e., disease, food production, environmental degradation), insights into the current state and future potential of biotechnologies make this book both optimistic and forward thinking. This is not just an informative text—it’s an entry point into a discipline with the potential to change the world.

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Stephanie Stockwell

Stephanie Stockwell, PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Integrated Science and Technology at James Madison University. She obtained her BS in Bacteriology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her PhD in Biological Sciences from Dartmouth College. Her doctoral and current research is focused on the genetic determinants associated with the agriculturally significant symbiotic relationship between soybean and soil bacterium, Bradyrhizobium japonicum.